What Is Verb Transition??

Verb Transition

The word transition means a change or moves from one place to another. But what is it? Transition is used in verbs to shift from one subject to another. It requires the object to receive the action. How to use transition in a sentence. Change from one state or subject to another is verb transition.

Identifying transition verbs is not very typical one can easily. Look at these examples and you will find out what is a transitive verb and how to use it.

Examples of transitive verbs are -bring, discuss, raise, offer, pay, booked, and borrow.

1. Simra borrowed the mathematics book from her friend because she forget her.

2. Ibrahim gave his book to his sister.

3. Her friends will raise money to help her recover from the loss.

4. Jason washed the dishes after dinner.

5. My dog ate all his food.

Verb Intransitive

Verb intransitive is also expressed as an action but it does not follow by a direct object. Some of the examples are- die, leave, live, and arrive. Let’s see how intransitive verbs use in sentences.

1. The bus arrives on time.

2. I have to leave.

3. Children play outside.

Think as the meaning transitive means transfer once you keep it in mind you will never get confused in using the transitive verbs.

Exercise 1

Write transitive or intransitive in front of the sentences.

  1. Alex always leaves his book on the table.
  2. The train arrives. 
  3. Sheela walked to the gate.
  4. Everyone cheered the team on their victory.
  5. I play the guitar.
  6. Children play outside.
  7. He fainted.
  8. After the party, he left.


1. transitive  2. intransitive 3. intransitive  4. transitive 5. transitive 6. intransitive 7. intransitive 8. intransitive

                           Which Of The Following Statements Is Correct?
                          Which Of The Following Statements Is Correct MCQ?
                          Which Of The Following Statement Is Correct MCQ?

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