This is a story of a crow, who lived in a forest close to the city. He is traveling for a long time and the sun was blazing, he fell very thirsty.

He flew here and there in search of water but was not found anywhere and that makes him more tired and more thirsty.

He pray to God to help him and gave him some water.

He was passing over a jungle and found a pot under a tree, he was very happy to see the pitcher and flew there. he peeped into the pot and found there was little water he thanked God.

He lean to drink the water from the pitcher but the water was so little at the bottom that he could not reach the water.

He questioned How can I drink water? He was disheartened and said how unlucky I am. But he did not lose hope to drink water he sat for some time and thought and strick with an idea.

he starts throwing pebbles into the pitcher and the water level rises and then I can drink water.

For an hour crow worked hard and collect pebbles and throw it in the water finally the water level rises, he drank water and he is capable of drinking water from the pot easily.

The crow was so much thirty but he never lose hope and pray to God.

He is patient and stays calm in challenging situations. Patience is the key to solving any problem.