A mood is described as a general atmosphere that expresses feelings. Mood can influence the feeling and can change the feeling. Moods can be happy or sad.

Why Mood Words Are Important In Literature? Every sentence, every line to express a feeling whether it is sad, happy, or anything needs a mood to describe the actual atmosphere. In general mood in describing words play an important part in literature.

List Of Mood Word Happy Thankful Touched Lazy Jealous

Irritated Sad Numb Idyllic Romantic Humorous Ominous

Hopeful Tense Dirty Depressed Groggy Dorky Flirty

Annoyed Exhausted Grateful Excited Anxious Jubilant Alone

Curious Determined Devious Enraged Frustrated Geeky Ditzy

Guilty Hyper Peaceful Satisfied Recumbent Rejuvenated Optimistic

Silly Sleepy Nerdy Smart Rushed Tired Uncomfortable Surprised

Lonely Weird Morose Hopeful Gloomy Predatory