A mechanical engineer is a person who designs power-producing machines like electric generators or gas turbines, technically mechanical engineer design power using machines, and this engineering is called mechanical engineering.

Question 1. Introduce Yourself. Why do You want to be a mechanical Engineer?

In any Interview, the very first thing that comes is your introduction, give your introduction in a simple way but confidently about yourself as you are the only one who knows you better. I want to be a mechanical engineer because I always enjoy working in a group or team and I think I have the ability to solve problems technically.  I feel I am a strong candidate for a mechanical engineering position as I have a good balance of technical, analytical, and practical skills.

Apart from this I am disciplined as well as organized and know what is the value of discipline for a mechanical engineer I know how important safety is. I have a strong will to become a mechanical engineer.

Question 2. What according to you is the skill required to be a mechanical engineer?

If you considered my point of view safety, awareness, and compliance are very important skills that a mechanical engineer must require. Apart from this, there are numerous techniques as well as non-technical skills also required.

A mechanical engineer needs to be effective and he should have the ability to dedicate his time to the industry, written Communication is also important as well. Most importantly should have the ability to work under pressure.

Question 3. What are the strengths and weaknesses of Mechanical engineers?

According to me the strength of any mechanical engineer is his communication skill and ability to work under pressure And weakness is his to make understand a person about complex design it also can become his weakness and also his communication can also lead to his weakness when he won't above to understand a person about the situation.

Question 4. Tell me about the step involved in designing.

1: State the Problem, 2: Generate Ideas. … 3: Plan and Select a Solution. … 4: Build the Item. … 5: Evaluate. … 6: Present the Results.

Question5. Why do you want to be a mechanical engineer?

Mechanical engineering is a very complex job and it requires a lot of abilities as an engineer must require on the other hand doing this work is very interesting and it is a passion for me to complete the task and become a successful mechanical engineer.

Question 6. When you come under pressure how would you deal with the situation?

Under pressure do not take any decision it may lead to your loss, think twice before doing work, and don't lose patience be confident and you will get out of the situation successfully.