Interview Questions And Answers 1. Tell Me About Yourself or Introduce yourself

Answer: You know yourself better, introduce yourself, don't go very lengthy be short and simple. Don't give them complete information about your job history rather share your experiences.

2. How do you come to know about us?

This question is like an opportunity, tell them where you hear about this vacancy. Make them realize your passion for the job.

3. What is different in your resume?

This question comes with an opportunity for you. Tell them about your best part and impress them with your resume. Tell them about your skill and experiences.

4. Why should we select you?

This is also the same question as the previous one. If an interviewer asked this question then tell them in detail about your experiences and your skill talent you have and tell them that you are the best person suited for the job.

5. What are your achievements?

In this question give details about your work experiences and share with them about the experience time, situation, task, and action.