Notice meaning according to the oxford dictionary the fat of observing or paying attention to something, is an announcement of something.

It includes various things which include the Name of the institution, Date, time, and authority.

Notice is written with an objective to inform a certain group of people about something.

Have you seen the short notice on the notice board written on a piece of paper? A short note which is written to inform about particular things or events in the institution is actually a notice.

Not only in school but at many places in organizations, factories, and hospitals everywhere there is a notice board that informs people about a particular thing or event.

It also informs births and death and any occasion, notice board also includes instructions for public appeal.

1. At the top word Notice in bold letters 2. date and time 3. purpose of notice

4. It must include the signature of the person issuing the notice 5. Its name, designation, and the name of the organization. 6. It should not be more than 50 words.

7. At the first sight, the reader should understand the notice. 8. The aim of the notice is to circulate particular information.

Title or Subject of Notice Body of the Notice: In the content or body, you will have to write a notice which consists of the following things. (a) Where? (b) When? (c) Target group (d) Agenda Signature Name & Designation