General knowledge is very important for everybody. Building up a strong personality becomes necessary and students should be aware of the GK questions.

Easy General Knowledge questions with answers 1. How many minutes are there in one hour? 2. How many seconds are there in one hour? 3. How many colors are there in a rainbow? 4. What does baby frog know as? 5. Which animal is known as the Ship of the desert?

6. Name the national bird of India. 7. Name the national game of the USA. 8. Name the National Flower of India. 9. Who designed the National flag of India? 10. Which festival is called the festival of colors?

11. The national song of India is __________ 12. How many months are there in a year? 13. How many moons does Saturn planet have? 14. Name the largest bones in the Human Body. 15. What is the capital of America?

16. Which country is known as the land of the rising sun? 17. Who invented the electric bulb? 18. Which planet is known as Red Planet? 19. Name the deepest ocean trench on Earth. 20. Name the gas that filled in a balloon

Answers 1. 60 minutes 2. 3600 seconds 3. Seven 4. Tadpole 5. Camel

Anwers 6. Peacock 7. Baseball 8. Lotus 9. Pingali Venkayya 10. Holi

Answers 11. Vande Mataram 12. Twelve 13. 82 14. Femur 15. Washington DC

Answrs 16. Japan 17. Thomas Alva Edison 18. Mars 19. Marina Trench 20. Helium