The Parental Privileges in Schooling Act, usually referred to as the 'Don't Say Gay Regulation', is a Florida regulation passed in 2022 which framed new resolutions for essential training

This law has been passed eminently for restricting study hall guidance on sexual orientation personality from kindergarten to grade 3 in Florida's state-funded school locale, or guidance

On sexual orientation character in a way that isn't "age fitting or formatively suitable for understudies" in any grade, and for denying schools from limiting parental admittance to their understudy's schooling and wellbeing records.

Florida Lead representative Ron DeSantis marked the bill into regulation on March 28, 2022, which became viable on July 1, 2022.

This Law requires area educational committees to take on strategies that comport with specific arrangements of regulation for advising the understudy's parent of determined data and

precludes homeroom conversation about the sexual direction or orientation character in specific grade levels

A claim has been recorded against Gov. DeSantis by a few LGBTQ rights advocates with an end goal to impede the law.

This work to control youthful personalities through state restriction — and to disparage LGBTQ lives by denying their existence — is grave maltreatment of force," is what the claim charges.