CDS full form, CDS exams are conducted by the UPSC. The full form of CDS is Combined Defence Services. It is also mistaken in the full form as Chief of Defence Staff, actually, it is a rank given to the head of the Indian Armed forces.

Here you will get a detailed amount of information about the CDS full form, eligibility, preparation, and exam date.

The full form of CDS is Combined Defence Services. The UPSC conduct the CDS exams twice a year. The CDS exam is a national-level exam as it is conducted by the UPSC, and it basically conducted in the month of November and February.

Through this exam recruitment of candidates is done in the Army, CDS full form in Army INA ( Indian Naval Academy ), IMA ( Indian Military Academy ), AFA (Air Force Academy) and OTA (Officers Training Academy).

In the previous year CDS, 2022 exams were conducted in three stages. The process of CDS selection is – written Examination – SSB Interview – Medical Examination

Candidates can apply for the exam through the official website The information regarding the eligibility criteria for CDS, you will get the form from the website after paying the fee.

You will get all the information like exam date, application form, CDS salary and much more. CDS full form in Hindi is संयुक्त रक्षा सेवा हैI सेना आईएनए (भारतीय नौसेना अकादमी), आईएमए (भारतीय सैन्य अकादमी), एएफए (वायु सेना अकादमी) और ओटीए (अधिकारी प्रशिक्षण अकादमी) में सीडीएस का पूर्ण रूप।