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Names of shapes, Shapes names we learn in mathematics. What are shapes called in English and what are their uses? In this blog, we are going to tell you about all shapes names, shape names in maths, the Names of shapes with pictures, and Shape names in English. Before we go to shape names first let me tell you what is shape.

What Are Shapes Names?

What are shapes and why are they important? A shape of an object is a three-dimensional physical outline of the object. a form of an object its outline or boundary or outer surface. Everything that is around us has a shape.

Why We Study Shapes?

It is not necessary to know and learn about shapes around us. it is also not important to know the shape of an object. Knowing the shapes helps the object fit into the space or container.

For example, if you want to put a box in another box you should know which box is bigger and which one is smaller. Shapes are very important to learning and drawing art images of any object on paper.

Shapes in English means we have a lot of different types of shapes. In English, we have shapes’ names in English.

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Names Of Shapes With Pictures






These are the most common shapes. Let us tell you 2nd dimension and 3d dimension shapes name in English.

2D Shapes



Pentagonal prism

Hexagonal pyramid


Triangular prism





Square pyramid


Rectangular prism




Shapes are fun to learn and it is very interesting things for children to learn. Everything in this world is shaped, be it a rectangle, circle triangle, or any shape. The above mention is the 2d shapes.

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