Murud Janjira Fort (Killa) History | How To Reach | Timing & Guide

Janjira Fort is a popular tourist spot in Maharastra state. Murud Janjria fort is located on an island near the city of Raigad. If you want to learn more about the Janjira fort, here we provide a complete guide to you. How do you reach there and what are the entry fees?

Murud Janjira Fort Maharastra History

Murud Janjira Fort (Killa) History

Murud Janjira is a local fort near the district of Raigad of Maharastra, in India. The place is a popular tourist spot. Every year a large number of tourists are attracted to the Janjira Fort. The name Janjira came from the Arabic word Jazira which is an island in English whereas Murud means in Marathi is Habsan.

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In the 15th Century, Raja Ram Rao Patil was the Patil of Janjira he established an Island to live peacefully on the island safely away from any pirates. Raja Ram Rao took permission from the Sultanate of Ahmednagar and built the island but later he refuse to follow the rules of the Ahmednagar Sultanate.

Ahmednagar Sultanate sent his Admiral Piram Khan to capture the island in 1489 but he was unable to do so. He was also unable to attack the Fort so, he requested a night stay at the Fort and for this permission was granted.

Murud Janjira Fort (Killa) History

Piram Khan hosted the party at the Janjira Fort in thank Patil and when Patil and his army Kolis intoxicated Piram Khan attacked them, all his men and army were hidden under the barrel and they capture the Janjira.

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Over the years Murud Janjira Fort was attacked by many but the fort still stand strong in hard times. It was attacked by the Marathas, Portuguese, and even Britishers.

Entry Fees And Other Charges

Murud Janjira Fort (Killa) History

There are no charges for entering the Fort. It is completely free to enter the fort. Janjira fort is surrounded by water and is on an oval island If you want to take a Janjira Fort boat ferry. Charges for the boat ferry are Rs 20 to Rs 300, completely depending upon the size of the boat. Vehicle charges are Rs 30.

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7:00 AM to 6:30 PM are the times to visit the fort.

How To Reach Murud Janjira Fort And What Are The Best Time To Visit Janjira?

Murud Janjira Fort (Killa) History

To Reach the Murud Janjira fort boats are always ready. Another option is Chhatrapati Shivaji international airport, Panvel Railway station is the closest railway station.

You can also reach the place by bus that is available from the nearby city of Murud. Boats are available for the Janjira fort.

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From Murud Janjira fort you can also visit other tourist attractions and nearby forts Padmadurg Fort, Murud Main Beach, Khokari Tombs

The best time to visit the fort I personally considered is from October to March and before or after the monsoon season. Visiting the Janjira Fort is just the fun and the full enjoyment and exploring the fort is best in winter.

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