Lets Understand Better Commerce Subject

Commerce Subject is a good choice for class 11th. Are you thinking of choosing a Commerce subject for class 11? You are confused and you don’t know what subject you should go with? Do you know what are the subjects in commerce class 11? You are at the right place and you will all your answers.

Commerce Subject

After completing High school in class 10 some of the very important questions that come to the mind of children as well as their parents. You need to ask yourself which subject you are comfortable with and easy to learn and understand.

Actually, Commerce is the conduct of trade among economic agents. it basically refers to the exchange of goods and services for their value. Today, we learn commerce as the purchase and sale of goods and services by an organization, and if done in macroeconomics then it is called purchase and sale of the goods and services by a large organization.

It is important to note that business and commerce are two different things and are complementary. Commerce does not mean manufacturing and producing but it involves the distribution of goods and services. The distribution process involved regulatory, logistical, political, social, economic, and legal.

What Is ECommerce?

ECommerce is Electronic Commerce, involving of internet. Buying and selling of goods and services over the internet. Using Ecommerce can be possible through computers, tablets, smartphones and smartwatches, and other devices using the internet. It is a substitute for brick and mortar selling there are many companies available today that do their business online as well as offline.

Commerce Subjects for class 11

Commerce is a study of business, there are 4 main subjects that are compulsory and also one complementary subject.

Accountancy, Business Studies, English, and Economics are the main subjects.

Complementary Subjects or optional subjects are Physical education, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Home Science.

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