General Knowledge Questions With Answers

General knowledge is very important for everybody. Building up a strong personality becomes necessary and students should be aware of the GK questions.

In this article, you will get the list of the general knowledge question, these are some of the easy Gk questions for kids.

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Here you will get some interesting facts too. Here you will 100 easy general knowledge questions and answers.

General Knowledge questions with answers for kid’s classes 1 to 5

  1. How many minutes are there in one hour?
  2. How many seconds are there in one hour?
  3. How many colors are there in a rainbow?
  4. What does baby frog know as?
  5. Which animal is known as the Ship of the desert?
  6. Name the national bird of India.
  7. Name the national game of the USA.
  8. Name the National Flower of India.
  9. Who designed the National flag of India?
  10. Which festival is called the festival of colors?
  11. The national song of India is __________
  12. How many months are there in a year?
  13. How many moons does Saturn planet have?
  14. Name the largest bones in the Human Body.
  15. What is the capital of America?
  16. Which country is known as the land of the rising sun?
  17. Who invented the electric bulb?
  18. Which planet is known as Red Planet?
  19. Name the deepest ocean trench on Earth.
  20. Name the gas that filled in a balloon

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  1. 60 minutes
  2. 3600 seconds
  3. Seven
  4. Tadpole
  5. Camel
  6. Peacock
  7. Baseball
  8. Lotus
  9. Pingali Venkayya
  10. Holi
  11. Vande Mataram
  12. Twelve
  13. 82
  14. Femur
  15. Washington DC
  16. Japan
  17. Thomas Alva Edison
  18. Mars
  19. Marina Trench
  20. Helium

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Easy General Knowledge Questions And Answers

  1. Who founded the Mauryan Empire?
  2. Who builds Nalanda University?
  3. Who destroys Nalanda University?
  4. Which gas is filled in the electric bulb?
  5. Where is Hemis National Park situated?
  6. When was Bhagat Singh executed?
  7. Which bank is known as the bankers’ bank of India?
  8. How many bones are there in Humans body?
  9. Who Invented Telescope?
  10. Olympics Game first started in which country?
  11. Which gas plant absorb?
  12. Name the device used to measure atmospheric pressure.
  13. Which planet is known as a dwarf planet?
  14. Who is the father of Hindi?
  15. What does “DC” mean in Washington DC?
  16. Where does the Bhil tribe find?
  17. Famous Fruit of Nagpur is __________
  18. When is Earth day celebrated?
  19. Who is the present CEO of Google?
  20. National Science day is celebrated on _______

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  1. Chandragupta
  2. Kumargupta I
  3. Bakhtiyar Khilji
  4. Nitrogen Gas
  5. Ladakh, India
  6. 23 March 1931
  7. Reserve Bank of India
  8. 206
  9. Hans Lippershey
  10. Athens, Greece
  11. Carbon dioxide
  12. Barometer
  13. Pluto
  14. Bhartendu Harishchandra
  15. District of California
  16. Rajasthan
  17. Oranges
  18. 222 April
  19. Sundar Pichai
  20. 28 February

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