Fill In The Blanks With Suitable Prepositions With Answers

fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions with answers. Prepositions are a very important part of the English language. Prepositions are used to build the sentences.

It is very important to know prepositions. These prepositions are important in competitive exams and also in 10th and 12th.

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Here we gave prepositions that are used in practice for classes 5,6,7, 8, 9,10, 11, and 12.

What Are Prepositions?

A Preposition is a word used or placed before a noun or a pronoun to show in what relation the person or thing denoted by it stands in regard to something else.

The word preposition means that which is placed before. The noun and pronoun which is used with a preposition are called their object.

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For Example :

  1. The tiger is in the cage. बाघ पिंजरे में है।
  2. He is fond of reading story books. उन्हें कहानी की किताबें पढ़ने का शौक है।
  3. We write with a pen. हम कलम से लिखते हैं।

Fill In The Blanks With Suitable Prepositions With Answers

Here you will get 10 prepositions to fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions with answers for practice. Answers will help you in your better understanding.

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Exercise 1.

  1. He jumped _______ the fence.
  2. The goat fell _____ the cliff.
  3. He stood_______ the curtain.
  4. He won the match ______ ease.
  5. The book was written______ Chetan Bhagat.
  6. Shah Jahan was fond______the gardens.
  7. The dog jumped _______ the ring.
  8. He is arriving_____ Madras.
  9. He is suffering _______ a fever.
  10. Power is generated ______ coal.


1. over, 2. over, 3. behind, 4. with, 5. by, 6. of, 7, through,8, from, 9. from, 10. from

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Fill In Blanks With Suitable Prepositions With Answers

Here you will get 15 practice questions Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions with answers.

Exercise 2.

  1. We agree _____ a date for the next meeting.
  2. I agree ______ him.
  3. They failed______ agree with themselves.
  4. They argued________ politics.
  5. We cannot compare city life_______ village life.
  6. He deals_______readymade garments.
  7. I differ from you_______ this issue.
  8. His performance is worthy______ praise.
  9. I am obliged to you_______ your help.
  10. Fresh fruits and vegetables are beneficial______ health.
  11. Birbal is famous______his wits.
  12. Silkworms feed_______ mulberry trees.
  13. The man is hard______hearing.
  14. One should be true______his words.
  15. Oranges are sold_______the dozen.


1. on, 2. with, 3. to, 4. over, 5. with, 6. in, 7. on, 8, to, 9. for, 10. for, 11. for, 12. over, 13. of, 14. in, 15. by.

Preposition Fill In The Blanks With Answers

Exercise 3.

  1. This fabric is superior______ that one.
  2. Ramesh was________no pressure to perform.
  3. The market is_______construction.
  4. The doctor has advised him to abstain_____smoking.
  5. A bookseller deals ______books.
  6. I prefer tea______coffee.
  7. He is afraid________darkness.
  8. Tipu Sultan’s bravery was compared______that of a lion.
  9. She doesn’t have the patience for deal______children.
  10. They failed to agree______themselves.


  1. to, 2. under,3. under, 4. from, 5. in, 6. to, 7. of, 8. to, 9. with, 10. with.

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