Commerce Subjects In Class 11

Commerce subjects in class 11, If you have completed your class 10 and you are thinking of selecting a field in commerce but you are confused about it.

You are at the right place. Here we tried to give you full guidance about selecting a subject and understanding commerce subject. check out below for further assistance.

What Is Commerce?

Commerce is might confuse some of your minds, what is it? it is related to doing business. Commerce is a broader sense than just related to business.

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It actually a science that deals with different aspects of business, trade, finance, accounting, etc. Children select Commerc as they thought there are many fields related to commerce and some thought that there is nothing we can do if they select commerce.

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The Commerce stream is considered the easiest and most popular among students as compared to science which is tough for some and Arts which is considered not to have scope.

What Are The Subjects In Commerce??

Let me tell you some important fields that you can go to if you select the commerce stream.

  1. CS Company Secretary
  2. Financial analyst CFA
  3. CA Charted accountant
  4. Can start your own Business
  5. Auditor

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If you select Commerce stream after class 10, you must know what the subjects that are involved in class 11. Commerce subjects in class 11 here are the list.

Commerce Subjects In Class 11

Commerce Subjects in class 11 in both ISCE and CBSE. Class 11th Commerce subjects for 2023 are divided into 3 parts or categories which are explained below.

Lets Understand Better Commerce Subject

Compulsory Subjects

  1. Under compulsory or mandatory subject there come 4 subjects which are Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies and English ( English Include English Language and Literature separately )
  2. Imperative to Choose a subject that is an Optional subject. Above mention subjects are compulsory but this is optional but you have to take one optional subject. There are many optional subjects available depending upon the school authority and which subjects they are proving for.
  3. As a sixth Subject, Selecting one optional subject is a must but it is not just for you to select a subject as your sixth subject, from the secondary list of subjects you can select the sixth subjects, the advantage of selecting the 6th subject is that it will increase your overall percentage in the calculation of the best 5 subjects marks.

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The list of subjects for ISCE and CBSE is almost similar but has little difference in the secondary subject list.

Commerce Subjects in Class 11 ISCE

Mandatory Subjects – Accountancy, Business Studies, English (1, and 2), Economics.


Optional – Mathematics, Informative practice, Entrepreneurship

Secondary Option – Physical Education

Commerce Subjects in Class 11 CBSE

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Mandatory Subjects – Accountancy, Business Studies, English (1, and 2), Economics.

Optional – Entrepreneurship, Mathematics, Informative practice

Secondary Option – Other languages, Physical Education, Arts, Fine Arts, Computer Science

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