BA English Subjects In 1st, 2nd And 3rd Year

BA English Subjects, BA English Subjects in First year, BA English Literature Subjects, BA Subject List in English. Students who want to take up the BA in English are in the right place. BA is a very good stream and had a lot of scope of work. Student are always wanted to know about the subject which are available in the BA English course.

BA In English

BA English is a 3 year undergraduate program that focuses on English Studies, English Literature, History, and the origin of English also including novels, rhetoric, and modern literature. It basically focuses on the literature English Literature, modern literature, American Literature, and culture. 

After doing a BA in English Students can take up MA in English and also a PhD in English. English is an advanced course that many universities and colleges offer. Let see BA English Subject. 

BA English Subjects

Here are the subjects mentioned below. In BA English subjects are taught semester-wise in 3 years course.

 Semester 1

  1. Language Paper 1
  2. History of  English Literature 
  3. English Poetry
  4. English Prose 
  5. Communicative English
  6. Introduction to Computing
  7. Cultural Education I

Semester II

  1. Language Paper II
  2. History of English Literature
  3. English Poetry
  4. English Prose
  5. Professional Communication
  6. Indian Writing in English
  7. Cultural Education II

Semester III

  1. History of English Literature
  2. American Literature
  3. Biography
  4. English Fiction:
  5. Amrita Value Programme I
  6. Amrita Value Programme II
  7. Communicative English (Advanced)
  8. Life Skills I

Semester IV

  1.  Indian Writing In English: Poetry
  2. Shakespeare: Comedies
  3.  History of English Language and Phonetics
  4.  Elective A
  5.  Open Elective A
  6.  Life Skills II

Semester V

  1. Elements of Literary Criticism
  2. English Poetry
  3. English Drama
  4. Canadian Literature
  5. Spiritual Literature
  6. Elective B
  7. Life Skill III

Semester VI

  1. Literary Criticism:
  2. European Fiction 
  3. Shakespeare
  4. English Drama
  5. English Fiction
  6. Autobiography

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