Agra Fort History, Timing, Entry Fee, & Images

Agra Fort is one of the most beautiful historic places to visit. The fort is located in the city of Agra. In India people also know this fort as Red Fort.

In this article, we bring to you the points and interesting facts about the Agra Fort. It is the most beautiful fort in India let’s have a look.

The Agra Fort

Agra Fort History, Timing, Entry Fee, & Images

In India, there are many historical places to visit, and among some of the best places is Agra Fort. The fort was built on 94 acres of land full of beautiful gardens. The fort was rebuilt by Mughal Emporer Akbar in 1565 and the construction work was completed in 1573. The fort was built in Eight years.

The fort is the main residence of Emperor Akbar and also the residence of the ruler of the Mughal Dynasty until 1638.

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The fort is also known by the name Lal Qila, Fort Rouge, or Qila-I-Akbari. The Agra Fort was captured by the British Empire, the last Indian ruler was Marathas.

History Of Agra Fort

Agra Fort History, Timing, Entry Fee, & Images

Akbar lived in the fort after the first battle of Panipat. in 1526 in place of Ibrahim Lodi. Later Akbar built the step wall and his son Jahangir was also crowned in the fort in 1530.

The fort went into the hands of the Suri when Sher Shah Suri defeated Jahangir, till 1555 the fort was in the hands of Humayun when he captured it.

Agra Fort History, Timing, Entry Fee, & Images

When Akbar arrived in Agra in 1558 he rebuilt the fort as it was in damaged condition. Akbar Historian Abul Fazl wrote that the fort was made of brick stone and was known as Badalgard Fort. Mughal emperor Akbar rebuilt the fort using red sandstone which come from the Dhaulpur district in Rajasthan. Around 40,000 workers and laborers are involved in doing the work.

Entry Fee For Agra Fort

Agra Fort is among the best tourist spot. Everyone loves to visit the place. While visiting do not forget to carry your photo ID or Adhaar card with you.

You can book the ticket online also. Online tickets once booked cannot be canceled or transferable. The entry fee is 35 Indian Rupees and for foreign tourists, it is Rs 550. Through the Amar Singh gate entry is permissible and not from other gates around 75% area was under military control.

Children below 15 years can enter the fort without a ticket.

The opening time of the Agra Fort is 6:00 am and the closing time of the Agra Fort is 4:00 am.

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