Active And Passive Voice Rules Chart PDF (っ◔◡◔)っ

Active and passive voice rules chart pdf, here you will get full details and rules of active and passive voice. Active and passive voice is easy to understand. You will also get the pdf of rules chart.

Active And Passive Voice Rules Chart PDF

The voice of a verb shows whether the subject performs the action or is affected by it.

  1. The batsman hit the ball.
  2. The ball was hit by the batsman.

Both the sentences express the same meaning. But in sentence 1 the subject is a batsman and it is the doer of the action so, in that case, the verb hit is said to be an adjective.

In Sentence 2 the subject is the ball is the receiver of the action, so in this case, the verb was hit is said to be in the Passive Voice.

Interchange Of Active And Passive Voice

A sentence in active voice provided its verb is transitive, can be changed into the passive voice and vice versa.

Generally, in changing the sentence from the active into the passive voice, the direct object of the verb becomes the subject and the subject of the verb becomes the object. So, Voice is the form of the verb which shows whether the subject does something or the subject has something done to it.

The above is the active and passive voice rule pdf.

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Have A Look At Some Examples

Active Voice Passive voice
He loves his mother.His mother is loved by him.
He gave me a book.A book wa given to me by him.
We have bought a book.A book has been bought by us.
I saw him yesterday.He was seen by me yesterday.
Who built the Taj Mahel?By whom was the Taj Mahel.
This box contains chocolates.Chocolates are contained in this box.
Inform the police.Let the police be informed.
You will sing a song.A song will be sung by you.
We have bought a book.A book has been bought by us.
Active And Passive Voice Rule Chart Pdf
TenseActive VoicePassive Voice
1. Present Indefinite write
are written
is written
2. Present Continous am writing
is writing
are writing
is being written
is being written
are being written
3.Present Perfecthas written
have written
has been written
have been written
4. Past Indefinitewrotewas written
were written
5. Past Continous was writing
were writing
was being written
were being written
6. Past Perfecthad writtenhad being written
7. Future Indefinite will write
shall write
will be written
shall be written
8. Future Perfectwill have written
shall have written
will have been written
shall have been written
9. can,may/must, etc.can write
must write
may write
can be written
must be written
may be written

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