3d Shapes Names With Pictures

3d shapes names list for kids, 3d shapes names faces edges and vertice, 3d shapes we see in our daily life. In this article, we will give a description of kids learning 3d shapes name.

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All 3d shapes names will be listed. All 2d and 3d shapes names.

What Are 3d Shapes?

The 3-dimensional shape is also known as 3d shapes, these shapes have specific properties which include the number of edges, faces, and vertices.

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All 3 d shapes have measurements of length, breadth, and height. All 3d object shapes are solid and have measurements of x, y, and z.

Properties Of 3D Shapes

Properties of 3d shapes are Vertices, edges, and faces. Let me tell you in detail about it.

Vertices – These are corners where two edges meet.

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Shapes Names | Names Of Shapes With Pictures

Edges – A line that is drawn between the two faces.

Faces – A face is a curve or maybe a flat surface on the 3d surface covered by its edges.

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List of 3d Shapes Names

1. Cube

3d Shapes Names
2. Cuboid
3d Shapes Names
3. Cone

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3d Shapes Names
3. Cylinder

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3d Shapes Names
4. Hemisphere (half sphere)
3d Shapes Names
5. Tetrahedron
6. Prism
3d Shapes Names
7. Triangular prism
3d Shapes Names
8. Pentagonal prism
3d Shapes Names
9. Hexagonal prism
3d Shapes Names
10. Nonagonal prism
3d Shapes Names

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  1. Dodecagonal prism
  2. Heptagonal Prism
  3. Octagonal prism
  4. Nonahedron
  5. Dodecahedron
  6. Torus
  7. Hexahedron
  8. Heptahedron
  9. Octahedron
  10. Sphere
  11. Cone
  12. Polyhedron
  13. Ellipsoid
  14. Circle
  15. Pyramid
  16. Pentahedron 
  17. Square pyramid
  18. Icosahedron

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Easy Description Of 3D Shapes
  1. Cube – A cube is a 3-dimensional square shape and has six equal sides. All the faces of its have equal dimensions and all Angeles have right-angle triangles.
  2. Cuboid – It is also called rectangle prism. Its faces of its are also rectangular with six faces, eight vertices, and eight edges. 
  3. Cone – A solid object which had a circular base and single vertex.
  4. Cylinder – It is a geometrical shape it objects has a circular base with a parallel line connected with a curved surface and no vertex.
  5. Hemisphere – A hemisphere is like a half semi-circle-like cut portion of the sphere.
  6. Tetrahedron – It is a pyramid-like triangle with six edges, four faces, and four vertexes.
  7. Prism – Prism contains the same shape or faces on either side.

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